Traian Basescu estimates that 10,000-15,000 budget employees might be dismissed

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday evening told a broadcast on the public TV station that he estimated 10,000-15,000 persons would probably have to leave the state institutions and the governmental agencies.

„It is a time at which the state institutions must be adjusted,” said Basescu.
He appreciated that the cutting down of expenses brought about by the budget apparatus in institutions should be about 20 percent.

President Basescu emphasized the fact that the most important criterion that has to be considered when selecting the employees that will go on working was competence, but added that one must also consider the experience as it was very difficult for elderly people to find another job.

„There are many incompetent people in the state apparatus. Nobody is throwing them into the street.
They can choose to be unemployed people without any problem,” said Basescu.

The Head of State wanted to correct the statement he made ten days before on the public radio station, connected to the necessity to reduce the state apparatus by about 20 percent, and said he did not refer to the fields where there was shortage of personnel such as the army, education, health and the interior.

He also explained that he suggested 20 percent for reducing the number of the state employees as he considered how much the personnel grew in number at the time of the Tariceanu Government.

„It seemed to me it grew in excess,” said President Basescu.
He added that the presidential institution would not be spared such a process either and mentioned there would be equal professional tests for everybody.


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