Traian Basescu: I plead for harsh restructuring

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Wednesday evening told a TV broadcast on the national television channel that he pleaded for ‘a harsh restructuring’ in the public administration sector, also hoping the measure could be taken by end-August.

Asked about what impact this measure would have on the moral of the people, in his opinion, with the latest polls saying Romanians are afraid they might lose their jobs in 2009, Basescu specified that the entire population will be for certain affected if the restructuring does not take place.

‘We are not in the situation to ask ourselves what impact might or might not have this measure.
First of all, I believe that Romanians, in general, are not quite supporters of the excessive bureaucracy they have to pay from their own pockets.

So that this would be a good thing, the restructuring. I repeat, unless the coalition reaches a different conclusion, which is to delay things, ahead of the upcoming presidential elections this autumn. But I tell you that the delay works against 22 million Romanians.

We need to take this measure,’ Traian Basescu said. According to him, this measure should be taken by end-August.
‘I hope we will be able to take this measure by end-August for, I repeat, those who talk about cynicism, are not honest people.

People who will have to leave their jobs will go home and give the unemployment aid,’ Basescu said, while recognizing in the same time the aid will be smaller than the wage, but adding that ‘this is the economic reality in Romania right now, we like it or not.’

Traian Basescu underlined that the state institutions cannot be turned into social assistance institutions, for Romania already has a social protection system to support the people whenever they need it.


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