9 projects worth 6.5 mln euros, financed through LIFE+ programme

A number of nine projects in total value of approx. 6.5 million euros are funded through LIFE± European programme, meaning an average absorption rate of the European funds of 37.84 percent, the Ministry of Environment informs in a release.

Projects financed through LIFE± instrument were submitted on the three components of this programme, aimed at protection of some bird and carnivorous species, development of a steady management planning in the field of waste, application of industrial eco-systems to the regional development and promotion of green products.

The European Commission earmarked an amount of 10.9 million euros to Romania in 2009 for projects included in LIFE± programme, the deadline for proposal submission being Sept. 15, 2009.
These projects must cover at least one of the three components of LIFE± programme and must be formulated in accordance with the specific application forms.

Experts in the field within the European Commission are to assess the proposals and to select the projects meeting eligibility criteria.
For 2009, the total EC allocated budget to this programme is in the value of 250 million euros, each member state having a share depending on the number of population and surface of existing protected areas nationwide.

LIFE± represents the European Union new financial instrument in environment field, which secures support for development and implementation of the community policy and legislation in the matter of environment, especially of the objectives of the 6th Framework Programme of Action for the Environment. LIFE± has entered into force with the publication of the Regulation in the Official Journal L 149 of 9 June 2007 and has projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication.


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