Berceanu: IMF dissatisfied with how CFR companies function

The representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) showed dissatisfaction related to the manner in which the three large divisions of the National Railway Company (CFR) are currently functioning, with expenses exceeding their revenues, Transport Minister Radu Berceanu stated on Thursday.

He also added that, the conclusion after the meeting with the representatives of the IMF was that CFR Calatori (Passengers) needs a restructuring, with one of the main problems here being the too many employees, triggering very high expenses, although there is need the subvention to grow too, ‘the same as it happens in every part of the world.’

‘Last year, the subvention stood at some 1.3 billion lei, while this year stood at only 600 million,’ Berceanu said.
With regards to the CFR Infrastructura (Infrastructure), Berceanu underlined that there is need of a resizing of the activity in this division too, including of a staff restructuring.

‘I have explained to the IMF representatives that, even with zero staff, in the case of CFR Infrastructura the tax collected from using the road infrastructure will be insufficient,’ Berceanu said.

The Transport Minister also specified that, in the case of CFR Marfa (Merchandise), the solution will be to have it prepared for privatisation and sold next year,’ for CFR Marfa is now competing with foreign operators too, on the domestic market.

We will try to get it privatised it in very good terms, with the money to remain in the system, so that we will be able to use it to reactivate CFR Calatori and CFR Infrastructura.’

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