Crisis doubles visits to recruitment websites

Applicants are rushing to apply for active job offers published on the Web sites of recruitment companies, Business Standard daily reports on Friday. Some 3,000 people applied for a medical representative position.

Moreover, the number of applicants on recruitment Web sites tripled compared to last year, while the traffic registered increased 25-195 percent, according to players on the online recruitment market.

Some 1.8 million people accessed the most visited Web site in the field,, in July, 80 percent more than in July 2008, according to the audience and internet traffic rating agency.

Also, the monthly traffic on the Web site almost tripled compared to July 2008.
According to Laura Chilom, HR Consultant for, the interest for finding a job has been generated by the effects of anti-crisis policies, following which employees who were laid off have become job seekers.

‘The same thing happened with those whose salaries were cut, or those who feel less secure in their present job. They are directing their interest to a new workplace,’ Chilom said.

Also, the number of newly created resumes in the first six months of this year is approximately 30 percent higher compared to 2008, according to officials of the Web site.

Carmen Hadarau, Marketing Specialist of, said that the number of applications for one job rose 404 percent in July year-on-year.
According to specialists, supply is less generous than in 2008.

Chilom said that there are fields, such as real estate, construction, banks, finance-accountancy, and auto, in which the number of job offers plunged by more than 50 percent.

In tunr, representatives of talks about a shrinking of the job offers by 30% against 2008.
Representatives of the recruitment websites say the high interest in such websites will be maintained, as there are candidates that will wait for the crisis to pass to look for a new job, Business standard reports.

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