Gov’t to discuss on Saturday public sector pay bill

The Government members are convened on Saturday in an extraordinary meeting in order to discuss the single pay bill in the public sector, announced on Wednesday evening Premier Emil Boc, underlining that the deadline for the adoption this law further remains October.

„I explicitly asked them to observe the October deadline for the finalization and adoption of this law, so that we did not ask for a delay because any delay would mean an unjustified postponement of some important decisions for the country.

We are within the set timetable for the elaboration and adoption of a law on single pay for the public sector employees”, said Emil Boc.

Referring to the „exigencies” of this normative act, the Prime Minister said that the new law must be clear, transparent, equitable and „to answer the Romanian society needs, as well as to reinstate justice in the pay field for people employed in the public sector in Romania”.


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