Hierarchy of positions in new salary law is finalized

The unitary law of salaries is ready in point of structure, the inter-sectoral hierarchy has been finalized.
The posts in various sectors of activity, healthcare, education etc, have been found an equivalent, on the basis of the results assumed by the participants in the working group, Valentin Mocanu, secretary of state at the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Security, MMPS, told the public radio.

With reference to the single pay law, Mocanu said it will be the framework law for the unitary salary of the staff paid from public funds, being „unanimously accepted as absolutely necessary for what is happing now in Romania.”

As regards the unitary pay in the public sector, everybody or almost everybody believes order is necessary. It is clear that now there is chaos in this area, which has to be corrected.

A form has to be found, by which to have a projection of the way in which salaries are paid in Romania, to the state employees, but also a relation is necessary between what happens in the field of the private economy, the salary increases in the budget sector have to be correlated with what the real economy can offer, the state secretary in the MMPS said.

The members of the Government will hold an extraordinary meeting on Saturday, with the agenda of the meeting including an analysis of the stage of achievement of the normative acts regarding the reform in the pension system.

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