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INS: Unemployment rate of 5.8 pc in 2008

Unemployment rate accounted for 5.8 percent in 2008, according to criteria established by the International Labor Office (ILO), lower than in the previous year, when it accounted for 6.4 percent, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs.

In gender terms, the gap between the two ILO unemployment rates was of two percentage points (6.7 percent for males compared to 4.7 percent for females), and in terms of residence of 2.2 percentage points (6.8 percent in the urban zones from 4.6 percent in the rural ones).

ILO unemployment rate was highest (18.6 percent) in 2008 among youth (15-24 years old). Unemployment affected to a higher extent the elementary and high school graduates, for whom the rate stood at 7.1 percent, respectively 6 percent, much higher compared to the rate for higher education graduates (2.7 percent).

According to INS, ILO long-term unemployment rate (of one year and beyond) stood at 2.4 percent. Long-term ILO unemployment incidence (weight of people unemployed one year and beyond per total jobless) stood at 41.3 percent.

Long-term unemployment was more obvious in the case of males (42.9 percent compared to 38.4 percent in the case of females) and in the urban zones (43.4 percent from 37.5 percent in rural areas).

Long-term jobless rate in the case of youth (15-24 years old), unemployed for six months and beyond, stood at 10.5 percent and the incidence of long-term unemployment among youth was 56.3 percent.

INS data source is AMIGO statistics related to household labor force conducted quarterly, in line with the European Council and Parliament Rule No. 577/1998 on the organization of a selective statistical survey of labor force in the European Community.

In ILO interpretation, unemployed are people aged 15-74 without a job and who are available to start work in the following two weeks and also were actively seeking for a job in the past four weeks, according to INS.
ILO unemployment rate represents the weight of ILO jobless in the active population.


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