Ministry of Economy observes most commitments with IMF

Most of the commitments assumed by the Ministry of Economy with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been observed, with the exceptions being generated by the situations of financial blockage, announced in a press release minister of Economy Adriean Videanu, after a meeting with the delegation of the IMF, led by Jeffrey Franks.

„Profitable companies. such as Electrica, cannot run their investment programmes for the current year because of the debts of CFR. With a view to the continuation of the investment programmes, resumed have been the talks with big foreign companies, such as Enel, E.ON, CEZ, GdF, RWE, Verbund, Vattenfall, for turning to good account the energy potential of Romania through private investment,” the press release reads.

For the monitoring of the spending of the money in the national companies, with a view to the rise in the volume of investment in 2010, minister Videanu announced that he asked the companies to present the budgets for next year, as early as September this year.

Videanu also announced the setting up of a consultative council at the level of the ministry, for turning to good account the resources existing in the private sector, the academic environment and the research structures in the areas of interest, for the sake of good expertise on the management of the companies in the portfolio of the Ministry of Economy, ME.

The Council will also make a good evaluation of the two strategies of the ME, the industrial policy and the energy one, respectively.

Another topic of the talks was the management of the structural funds, with the minister saying that, at the level of the Ministry of Economy, running is a process of simplification of the procedures of accessing these European funds.

According to ME, the officials of the ME voiced their readiness to grant the Romanian Government support in the process of control of the expenses and operation of the investment, keeping the recommendations regarding the monitoring of the governmental expenses, for the sake of more readiness for investment.

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