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PSD and PNL should assume responsibility as regards the economy, says former PM Tariceanu

Former Romanian Liberal PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu asked, on Friday, the political parties, PSD and PDL, to present to the population the real situation of the economy and to assume the responsibility for „the economic disaster” in which they brought Romania.

„I can see, with worry, that for eight months, the current PD-L-PSD ruling has come with no efficient anti-crisis measure, on the contrary, over 100,000 companies ran bankrupt, it suffocated the private initiative and hundreds of thousands of people remained jobless,” Tariceanu said, in a press release made public on Friday.

Also, the former prime minister asks the current power to give up „the populist and lying theme about „the difficult heritage” by which it justifies „the incompetence and the lack of a coherent plan of economic relaunch.”

„I remind, without reservations, the current rulers, the fact that at the end of the Liberal ruling, Romania is on the first place in Europe in point of the economic growth. Today, Romania is on the last place.

The Basescu-Boc government made the counter-performance to bring the economy of Romania from an eight percent growth to a fall of eight percent, in eight months only,” Tariceanu said.

„As the Romanian economy increased, we could raise the salaries and the pensions, for the Romanians to leave decently. Today, the same Romanians are losing their jobs, are paying additional taxes and dues to the state and are afraid for the safety of tomorrow because of that catastrophic ruling,” Tariceanu said.

He invites the current prime minister Emil Boc, to calculate, for the sake of a comparison, how much the budget expenses have increased, from 1990 until now, with the economy of Romania developing progressively.

„I also invite Mr Boc to see how much the budget expenses increased at the Presidential Administration, at the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports, during this period of deep economic crisis.

The Liberal Government did not waste one leu (Romanian currency, e.n.) from the National Development Fund. The money exists, but the PD-L-PSD government does not know how to use it.
The current ruling could have negotiated with the International Monetary Fund also the use of this money for investment,” said Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.


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