Quarter of the SMEs ask for facilities for investments

Asked what measures should in their opinion the government take to reduce the negative effects of the crisis over the SMEs, as many as 24 percent of the managers of such enterprises referred to the necessity of tax deductions.

CURS conducted an inquiry into the problems the SMEs are currently forced to deal with, managers enumerating among such measures they expect the Government to take in their help, such tax deductions for hiring young people and unemployed (17 percent) and also access to loans with subsidized interests (21 percent).

The study presented at a press conference on Thursday was ordered by the National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs (FNGCIMM) and was conducted on a sample of 600 companies.

In the context only 16 percent of the SMEs resort to banking loans, the managers enumerated among the main reasons determining the banks not to supply loans anymore to their companies the lack of guarantees (31 percent) and the insufficient results (21 percent).

Minister Constantin Nita promised thus to plead for having the reinvested profit exempted of taxes.

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