Romania must take good care of agriculture, says President Basescu

Romania could have overcome the economic crisis easier if it had taken care of agriculture in the past 20 years and if it had invested money to create economic growth regardless of the global situation instead of wasting it on consumption in the past four years, President Traian Basescu said at a meeting with farmers, experts and representatives of local public administration in Arad, in western Romania, at the first edition of the Horticultural Farm day staged in Araneag, in Tarnova village.

The president said that following talks he held in the Braila Pond with farmers working large areas of land, he understood that Romania needed a long-term strategy to capitalize on its farming potential, for which reason he commissioned a team with drawing up this strategy.

„What have seen today in Araneag is an example of what can be done in the hilly area throughout the country.

I believe the enthusiasm I see in these young men who returned from Spain, Italy or other foreign country and plan to start a small farm, is a solution for the hilly area,” Basescu explained.

He said the policy relying on consumption is not good and Romania needs to invest in agriculture.

The head of state pointed out that agriculture would be paid more attention in the next year’s budget and that he would personally engage in showing the value of agriculture and tourism.

„We must find solutions to keep young people in the rural areas because the Romanian village has aged.
Moreover, mayors need the taxes that would be paid by the small farms, funds that would go to developing the villages,” Basescu explained.


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