Romanian Magistrates Association takes Romanian state to ECHR

The Romanian Magistrates Association on Friday filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against the Romanian state, accusing it of violating a court decision under which the magistrates should get bonus payments.

Judge Mona Pivniceru, president of the Romanian Magistrates Association, said on Friday that over 400 magistrates signed the complaint.

„As a result of the rulers’ attacks, the judiciary power is no longer acknowledged as such. Government ordinances are being issued that breach organic laws established by Parliament, in other words, the executive power has come to overlap legislative power and affect judicial power.

The Government should better read the Constitution which states that in Romania the powers are equal and do not overlap,” Mona Pivniceru told a press conference in Targu Neamt (north-east of Bucharest).

Through the voice of the Association’s president, the magistrates contend that they would file a second complaint to the ECHR on the same subject, on September 10.

„The magistrates too have the right to sue, but there is an incredibly unprofessional approach at the Ministry of Justice,’ Pivniceru added.
The judges also filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecution Office against Prime Minister Emil Boc.

„Two weeks ago we filed a criminal complaint against the Prime Minister for first-degree abuse of office, for failure to disburse these welfare benefits,” said judge Gabriela Baltag, president of the Neamt Court.

On the other hand, the judges accuse the current government for scantily financing the judiciary, driving many tribunals and courts to closure over past due rents.

The magistrates also claim that the meeting between the judges and Minister Catalin Predoiu, with President Traian Basescu acting as mediator, was to no avail.

If the government does not reverse the ordinance that scraps the judges’ workplace stress bonus payments, the magistrates are determined to take the case to the UN.

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