Tourism minister: I have not tried to get advantages from journalists

Tourism minister Elena Udrea said in an open letter that there is no situation in which she has tried to get advantages from a journalist participating in the official actions of promotion abroad of Romanian tourism, and the law does not make her be entitled to publish the names of the guests of the Ministry.

„There is no situation in which I have tried to get advantages from any journalist, telling him, or at least suggesting him that he has a relation with the list.”

The legal basis of the journalist being paid the money necessary for his traveling related to his offices are some Government decisions, Udrea explains, saying that „in line with art. 12, letter d. of Law 544/2001, regarding the free access to public interest information, the name of the journalist is not public.”

The Tourism minister believes that a public discussion of making the journalists feel guilty for having said in writing or orally about the tourist promotion of Romania and about its being positioned vs other actors in this industry, a discussion initiated also by the media in the context of the political attacks aimed at her, is „a proof of hypocrisy from those who generate it.”

„I say so, because simple journalists do not decide what is published and what is aired, sometimes they are victims of unjust editorial decisions.

I, for one, I thank the journalists who have written good and bad things, but in good faith, about tourism, since 2001, and I apologize if they have suffered because of the political struggle in which, this moment, the Tourism minister is a target,” Udrea also said.


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