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Gov’t convenes for extraordinary meeting

Prime Minister Emil Boc has asked Government to convene today in an extraordinary meeting to discuss the draft uniform pay law in the public sector and the draft law reforming the pension system, so that both normative acts may be adopted within the time limits set for them, which is this autumn.

Boc has so far had many conversations with ministry officials on the two drafts, arguing that the Government should assume responsibility for them before Parliament, because the uniform pay law and the reform of the pension system „will shatter the Romanian public system.”

‘I believe that these laws which concern the uniform pay and the reform of the pension system cannot pass in other manner than by the Government assuming responsibility for them before Parliament, because they are laws that will shatter the Romanian public system, and the Government is facing the prospect of either passing them or going home.

There is no other solution to carry out these structural reforms and I, as the prime minister, does not feel any restrain in saying that I either quit or we are conducting these reforms that Romania needs, irrespective of the political costs they might entail,’ Boc said after an ordinary meeting of the Government this week.

He also mentioned that tough measures have to be taken that are necessary to Romania now and which, if postponed, would only lead to a decline in the Government’s job performance.

„Let me be very clear: the Government I represent does not take into account the political dimension of this year. The Government I represent has to serve 22 million Romanians and it does not have to serve only the interest of some or others in the public sector. That is why we have to take measures, albeit tough ones but which are needed.

That is why the Government is determined to assume political responsibility for the measures it has to take, because any delay in taking these measures will lead to a decline in the Government’s job performance and to postponing a decision that has to be taken anyway,” said Boc.


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