PM Boc wants Gov’t to assume responsibility for uniform pay law

Prime Minister Emil Boc said at the end of an extraordinary meeting on Saturday of the Government that the Government will have to assume responsibility before Parliament for an urgent passage of the uniform pay law and the reform of the pension system.

‘The Government has made decisions regarding the contents of the draft uniform pay law in the public sector and the draft law reforming the pension system, so that the two normative acts may be adopted in due time, without further delay,’ said Boc.

The two drafts, said Boc, are important planks in the structural reforms pledged by the Government.
He said he informed the members of his Cabinet about the decision to promote the uniform pay law, the reform of the pension system and draft legislation in the area of education by assuming Government’s responsibility before Parliament.

‘Why this procedure? For two reasons: first, to test whether or not there is political will in the ruling coalition to back these structural reforms pledged by the parties in the coalition under their Partnership for Romania, and secondly to test the parliamentary backing there is for carrying out these reforms, which no government and no parliament of Romania has dared tackle in the past two decades,’ said Boc.

Boc also said an inter-ministerial team was mandated to continue negotiations on Saturday and Sunday with the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission over the final version of a letter requesting a new tranche of a stand-by financial arrangement that takes into account the latest economic developments in Romania.

In relation to the same issue, Boc said that the flat income tax and the Value-Added Tax (VAT) will have to be preserved as they are and financial resources increased for infrastructure works.

Boc also requested the Finance Ministry and the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) to come up with analyses of tax evasion and suggestions to combat it.

‘It is important that we are concerned about rightful collection of taxes and make sure that all are equal before law in this respect,’ said Boc, adding that an inter-ministerial board will analyse on Tuesday the suggestions of the Finance Ministry and ANAF so that they may be translated in Government decisions or normative acts, according to a press release of the Government’s Press Office.

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