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President Basescu seeks solutions for maritime ports

Romanian President Traian Basescu, accompanied by Transport Minister Radu Berceanu, on Sunday met at the headquarters of the National Company „Maritime Ports Administration” in the southeastern Romanian city of Constanta with the representatives of the naval authority and with the main port operators in the maritime area.

In the end of the one-hour meeting, Minister Berceanu stated that Traian Basescu reaffirmed on this occasion his main concern with the maritime ports development projects and also with attenuating the effects of the economic crisis, which severely affected the commercial activity in the main Romanian maritime terminals too.

„The President came with the idea of cutting the port taxes in the case of such ships that need repairing in the Romanian shipyards on the Black Sea shore, so that the Romanian offer to become thus more attractive and competitive. According to an analysis on the taxes charged for ships that needed repairing, in this region of the Black Sea, it appeared that Turkey’s and Croatia’s taxes, and others, were smaller than Romania’s.

We need thus to reduce the taxes, especially in the context estimates show a positive trend worldwide, in the ship repair field. We will have thus, by mid-next week, to have the documents ready, to be able to decided the level of the cut to reduce these taxes,” Basescu said.

With regards to the dramatic drop in the volume of iron ore operated through the Constanta Port, as following of the decision of ArcelorMittal Galati to redirect its raw material supply route through Bulgaria and Ukraine, Radu Berceanu stated that Traian Basescu was very well informed related to the matter and that a detailed analysis will be made in September to find out the precise implications on the Romanian economy brought by the blocking of the COMVEX terminal, following that in the second part of September some answers to be finally given.

„We are now waiting for the owner of Mittal to come to Romania and we hope after his visit the crisis will be solved at COMVEX,” Minister Berceanu said.


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