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Cristian Diaconescu: We no longer have Romanian sailors arrested in various world corners

The five Romanian soldiers, released from the detention of Somali pirates, are in good health, and are to return to Romania, in the coming days. Romania no longer has now sailors in various corners of the world, said, on Monday, for Agerpres, Foreign minister Cristian Diaconescu.

The Romanian top diplomat remarked the good cooperation of the authorities in Bucharest with the cell crisis set up in Italy for the release of the crew of the Buccaneer ship, at the board of which. there were, along with the five Romanian sailors, ten Italians and a Croatian.

„Our embassy in Rome is in touch with the families. It will support the sailors to come home. They are in good health,” said Cristian Diaconescu, mentioning that Romania no longer has now sailors arrested in various corners of the world.

He gave a warning about the contracts, the tourist routes which the Romanian citizens assume.

„I want to draw attention seriously in connection with the contracts, the sea routes the Romanian citizens assume. We will post on the site of the Romanian Foreign Ministry a warning of maximum importance as regards the security of the commitments which our sailors assume at a certain moment.

I believe that it is normal to stress that, exactly for their early warning and protection,” Diaconescu mentioned.
The Italian Foreign Ministry informed, Sunday evening, in a communique, the release of the crew made up of 16 sailors.

Also, according to the press release, sent, late on Sunday, by the Italian ForMin, the release of the crew of Buccaneer, is due to the intense work of the Italian diplomacy and the secret services and to the cooperation with the authorities of the Somali central government and with those of the autonomous region of Puntland.

Four of the Romanian sailors are from Constanta and the fifth is from Bucharest.

The five are aged between 28 and 35, they went aboard the ship on Feb 20. The ship was under Italian flag and belonged to the company Micoperi Marine Contractors, from Ravenna, which sailed between Singapore and Italy.

The five Romanians reached Singapore on February, aboard a plane, from Romania, and their labour contracts with the Italian shipbuilder were concluded by an agency from Ovidiu, Crusche Crewing, belonging to Romanian Adrian A.


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