Electrocentrale Deva to make investment worth 295 million euros

Electocentrale Deva will run three investment projects worth a total of 295.57 million euros, according to data published by the Ministry of Economy.

The sum of the rehabilitation project of Unit 4 is of 98.1 million euros, and the time for its implementation lasts for 34 months, starting in Q2 of the year 2009.

From the total investment, 67.9 million euros are bank loans and 8.7 million euros own resources.

The costs for the equipment amount to 21.5 million euros. After the implementation of the project, Electrocentrale Deva will annually supply 1,244 Gigawatts/hour.

One of the projects of the company is aimed at the building of an installation of collection and discharge of the ash and of the or waste.

The project is worth 48.7 million euros, of which 12.4 million euros are own resources. The implementation of the project will last for 32 months.

Electrocentrala Deva will implement a system of de-sulphuring of gases, a project needing an investment worth 148.77 million euros. The sum from own resources amounts to 10.24 million euros.

Electrocentrale Deva posted a turnover worth 261.4 million euros, in 2008.

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