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Gov’t to assume responsibility for Education laws on Sept. 2

On September 2, the government will assume responsibility before Parliament for the Education laws package, the law on the single pay in the public sector, the law on the restructuring of government agencies and the streamlining of spending, and the law on the combined collecting of public pension and wage, Premier Emil Boc, president of the Democratic- Liberal Party (PD-L) announced at the end of the meeting of the ruling coalition leaders.

‘We proposed the coalition a fast-track timetable for the adoption of the main legislative acts related to structural reform of the Romanian society.

On Sept. 2 the government will assume responsibility for the following draft laws: the bill on the single pay in the public sector; the bill on the restructuring of government agencies and the streamlining of public spending; the bill banning the combined collecting of public pension and wage; the Education bills package,’ explained the Prime Minister.

PM Boc detailed for each separate project the reasons for the decision to pledge the government’s responsibility. Boc reminded that he personally attended the works of the committee that drafted the law on the public staff single pay system, noting that the government convened in an extraordinary meeting on this subject, and stressed that the normative act needs to be completed by August 19, following the relevant debates.

„As far as agencies’ restructuring is concerned, the ministers will come to Wednesday’s government meeting with their final version of the normative acts, we will put together all these proposals – the laws aimed at the agencies’ restructuring, the downsizing of their number, dismantling or merger thereof; the cutback of spending, the transfer to the state budget of the revenues of agencies making their own incomes; the settlement of the operation of national companies and the other national structures – in a bill aimed at restricting spending and saving public money, which we then need to refer to Parliament for adoption in a fast-track procedure,’ Emil Boc declared.

As regards the draft law banning the joint collecting of public pension and salary, the Premier said that a relevant emergency ordinance was already adopted and a bill has been crafted „which has been collecting dust in Parliament for four months now.”

Commenting on the Education laws package, Boc stressed that talks have been held on the issue for two years now and that starting April this year, the need to adopt the package of normative acts for this sector had been analyzed in the government’s meetings.

„I requested that August 14 be the deadline for the completion of these laws, we still have almost three weeks ahead to discuss them, put them into an adequate wording but the start of school year is nearing and we must have the reform of education completed for everybody, parents and children to clearly know what is in store for them in education in the next five to ten or fifteen years,” explained the Prime Minister.

Asked if the Social Democrats agreed to also assume responsibility for the Education laws, the Premier said that the coalition partners had no major objections.

„They had no major objections, there has been a discussion on Education that will continue, but my decision – I say it once again – in my capacity as Prime Minister, is very clear: these laws must be adopted.

They have been delayed too long, we are already behind schedule and a part thereof are express requirements of the European Commission and the IMF,’ the Premier added.

Boc argued that real decentralization will be performed in parallel with the reform of education. In detailing this issue, Boc said that the government has decided to have the draft resolutions on decentralization in Agriculture and Culture readily worked out.

The Prime Minister voiced hopes that the Police Law that is currently in Parliament is adopted as fast as possible, maybe in an extraordinary session.
In the coming period, joint PSD and PD-L teams will work on completing the bills for which the government has decided to assume responsibility before Parliament.


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