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Grifon Intelligence Concept, a civilian and defence system designed in Romania

Grifon, a smart system with applications for the civilian and the defence community, of hundred percent Romanian design incorporating the most advanced state-of-the arte technologies of today and perfectly interoperable with NATO systems, will be on display at the Naval Defence Exhibition 2009, to be hosted by the Black Sea of Constanta, August 14-16, daily Adevarul reports.

The idea behind the Grifon system belongs to Romeo Oita, owner of Global Private Security Solutions S.R.L., ‘I was thinking that a multifunctional intelligence system was needed that could be expanded to cover the security and defence areas as well,’ Oita tells the paper.

The Grifon Intelligence Concept has been made in Romania under a public-private partnership between private defence companies and the General Directorate for Defence and Special Affairs of the Romanian Defence Ministry, Oita explains.

For the management and conduct of the Grifon project, retired Major-General Ion-Eftimie Sandu was hired and eventually appointed project manager because of his long experience with defence procurement.

The Bucharest Mechanical Enterprise is the final integrator of the project.
Grifon offers the possibility of turning a normal off-road car in a powerful center for the processing of intelligence gathered from the air, the water and the soil.

It is a mobile multifunctional platform that can collect data in real time and from high-risk areas. It can be fitted on a car, a motorboat or a hovercraft, the paper reports.

According to the mission types, Grifon can be equipped with night vision equipment, thermal vision, radar, GPS-guided robots, unmanned air vehicles, reconnoitring systems, trial and surveillance balloons, gun machines and many other devices.

The devices gather all the available data from a certain risk area and send them to a command centre for the best solution to be made.
The action radius is 30 km for the remotely controlled robots and between 30 and 60 km for the unmanned air vehicles.

The Grifon platform can be configured to protect areas of interests such as oil fields, power plants and other facilities and installations that are likely targets for criminal action or terror attacks, the paper explains.

The system is also fit for supporting anti-drug operations, controlling illegal border crossings or protecting the riot police, as well as for controlling and supervising fire extinguishing, and the protection of forests, territorial and maritime waters.

It can also be used in search and rescue operations in critical areas or against kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Adevarul explains that in all these cases, the multi-purpose robots are dispatched from a safe distance to take pictures, soil samples and other data. For difficult access, unmanned air vehicles can be used.

This way data from a given area are collected and then integrated eliminating the need for the human presence.
The price for one vehicle equipped with the Grifon system varies between 200,000 and 800,000 euros, according to final specifications.


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