Nita: Assuming responsibility for education laws to be disccused in coalition

The Social-Democrats do not agree with the Government assuming responsibility for the laws on education, this topic is to be discussed at the meeting of the Coordinating Political Board of the Coalition, due on Monday morning, announced the vice-president of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), at rule, Constantin Nita, at the end of a meeting of the leading board of the party.

He announced that the PSD agrees neither with the layoffs in the administration and supports the two percent for the raise in pensions.

Nita said once again the assuming of responsibility on the laws on education is an element of pressure from the ruling partners.
„We consider this matter of assuming responsibility as an element of pressure on our party and so, we will deal with it appropriately (…).

We keep our opinion on the jobs, we do not agree with the layoffs in the administration.
We will also insist on keeping the two percent pension raises, which we have promised together (with the National Democratic-Liberal Party, PD-L), and I am sure, we will insist for keeping this proposal,” Nita stressed.

During the meeting of the PSD leadership, minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu announced she will present, at the meeting of the National Standing Board of PSD, due on Monday, the Education Code, with all the laws related to it, drawn up by the Education Ministry.
They have to enter public debate subsequently.

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