People trafficking in Romania, on the decrease

As many as 230 people were victims to people trafficking in Romania in H1 of 2009, down against the previous years, reads a Police report made public on Sunday.
The total number of victims in 2008 was 784 against 2007 when 1,226 victims were identified and heard.

Romania continues to be a source for human trafficking with 189 victims in 2009 out of a total 230 who chose as destination countries other than Romania.
Spain and Italy are the main destination for human trafficking with 63 victims in Spain and 34 victims in Italy.

Also in 2009, the number of Romanians that fell victim to human trafficking went up in the Czech Republic (20 people), UK (19), Greece (17) who were exploited through labor. Romanians forced to beg and work as prostitutes were also found in Germany (11 people), France (7), Cyprus (5), Holland (5) and Austria (5) and several others were forced to work in Slovakia (4).

The internal human trafficking has been on the increase over the past few years: 12% in 2008 and over 17% in H1 of 2009, with 41 people forced to become prostitution or turned into beggars.

Forced labor, traffic of organs and child pornography were also among the offenses.

In 2007 and 2008 the number victims exploited through labor exceeded those sexually exploited while in H1 of 2009 sexual exploitation increased , with a total of 88 victims, follower by forced labor (74) and beggary (56).

There were also two cases of traffic of organs in 2009, and one victim forced to commit theft in Britain and child pornography (in Romania).

Also in 2009 the interest of criminal groups, foreign ones in particular, for Romania as country of destination has increased, with the purpose of exploitation through labor of some Moldovan, Ukrainian and possibly Chinese citizens.

According to the International Organization for Migration, the number of trafficked people stands at 2.5 million each year, of whom 500,000 come from Europe, most of them women and children.

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