Romania and other NATO member states support Georgia

Romania and other NATO member states supported Georgia in building democracy and contribute to this country’s aligning with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance, Levan Metreveli, Georgia’s Ambassador in Bucharest, told a news conference given on Monday on commemorating the victims of the Russian-Georgian war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

The diplomat voiced his country’s deep thankfulness to the Romanian authorities and the Romanian people for the continuous support given both during the war in August 2008 and after the conflict and also voiced appreciation for the help given by Romania through the agency of the monitoring mission of the European Union in Georgia.

„This is the anniversary of a brutal war against my country. We are commemorating the victims of this brutal war, after which 150,000 people are refugees in their own country …

I am thanking all the governmental and nongovernmental entities in Romania which gave very much support to my country at such a difficult time and want to thank especially to the simple Romanian citizens who voiced support and sympathy for the problems of my nation,” said Ambassador Levan Metreveli.

One of these days there was a year since the war in South Ossetia, which began on the night from August 7 to 8, 2008. The armed conflict was settled through the diplomatic intervention of the international community, especially of the European Union.

Romania got involved diplomatically for the reestablishment and maintenance of the security in the Black Sea area.

Three weeks after the beginning of the conflict President Traian Basescu went on a diplomatic tour to Georgia, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan and Turkey with a view to finding solutions by common agreement with his counterparts in order to ease off the tense situation.

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