Talks on decentralization and cost standards start on Thursday

The representatives of the local administration and of the relevant ministries on Thursday, at Busteni (north-west of Bucharest), will start the talks on decentralization and establishment of the cost standards, informed the Government’s press office on Monday.

Premier Emil Boc, who met the representatives of the associative structures in the local administration in Romania, supported the suggestion for some talks along five consecutive days in order to analyze in detail the aspects referring to the decentralization and cost standards.

Boc made it clear that the Government was determined to solve these problems that are falling due referring to the local administration and asked the competent factors to draw up all the necessary regulations for implementing the decentralization measures, for establishing the cost and quality standards and for drawing up the law on the local public finance so that they should be found in the substantiation of the law on the budget for 2010.

Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea said that the debate on decentralization must be made on three pillars: the administrative act, the local revenues and the collection of taxes for the local budget.

Vice-Premier Dan Nica also made it clear that decentralization was a normal process and the current Government planned to carry this process out.

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