Anti-crisis measure package drawn up by UDMR

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) drew up its own anti-crisis measure package, both short and long term ones, said UDMR chairman Bela Marko, who emphasized the fact that the loan taken from the international institutions did not contribute to the relaunch of the Romanian economy.

Marko added that the situation was made more serious by the fact that the Boc Government was not able to draw up anti-crisis measures.
„Unfortunately, estimates do not turn out to be true.

We are through a recession. Figures are much more negative than we would have expected them to be …
The volume of the direct foreign investments decreased by more than 42 percent in the first five months of the year, the activity in constructions diminished by 23.7 percent and the money coming from tourism went down 7.8 times.

The number of unemployed people amounted to 572,562 in July and the budget expenses grew by 12 percent as against 2008,” Bela Marko told a news conference.

The main UDMR measures refer to the removal of the minimum tax on the turnover, the annulment of restrictions on VAT deduction when buying motorcars and on fuel consumption, the payment of the VAT when cashing the bill, namely when issuing and not when putting up good performance bonds in constructions as well as to putting no tax on the reinvested profit in the basic activity and lowering the delay penalties when paying the fiscal duties at the level of the monetary policy interest of the National Bank of Romania.

The UDMR leaders also promote as a measure for mitigating the effects of the economic crisis the initiation of a governmental programme, fuelled by EU funds, in order to stick to the preservation of jobs in SMEs: four work days and a day for changing one’s training.

In the opinion of the UDMR representatives the „real” decentralization as well as the reform of the central public administration and of the fiscal system are also necessary.

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