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DNA takes preparatory action in case of Environment Mnister

The prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) take preparatory actions in connection with the possibility that Minister of the Environment Nicolae Nemirschi may have committed the offence of abuse in office, say judicial sources.

The same sources mentioned the fact that the anti-corruption prosecutors checked whether Nemirschi committed this deed in the case of directly granting a 500,000 euro contract to the Ars Advertising company for promoting the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme.

DNA spokesperson Livia Saplacan told Agerpres on Tuesday that Minister Nemirschi was not a culprit in any file handled by the anti-corruption prosecutors and that one could not supply information of investigations in other stages, in keeping with Art 12, paragraph 1, letters e and f of Law 544/2001 on the free access to the information of public interest.

According to the law, in the case of a minister that is not a member of Parliament, the prosecutors must ask for the approval of Romania’s President for a possible start of the prosecution.

The final report of the Nemirschi commission was postponed till September 18 as new elements appeared and other persons must be heard too, decided the members of the parliamentary commission on Tuesday.

„On the basis of the regulations of the Chamber of Deputies, the commission will propose the Standing Bureau and the plenum that the report should be presented on September 18,” said chairman of the commission Mircea Dusa.

The members of the commission also voted unanimously that the administrators of the company Ars Advertising, the representative of the Best Advertising company, who seems to have subcontracted part of the services, the representatives of the National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Acquisitions (ANRMAP), of the Unit for Coordinating and Checking Public Acquisitions (UCEVAP), of the Ministry of the Environment but also the representatives of the Competitions Council should be called to hearing in order to see if the legislation was observed in subcontracting.

Mircea Dusa made it clear that he would ask the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies to set up a commission of inquiry into the activity carried out by ANRMAP and UCEVAP, which „often run counter to each other.”

The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the way in which the Ministry of the Environment granted the contract on the campaign promoting the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme convened on Tuesday and intended to draw up the project for the final report.

The aim of the investigation commission, which was set up on June 24, is, according to the decision on setting it up, to check the lawfulness of choosing the procedure of negotiating with one single company without previously publishing an advertisement.

The first hearing of the minister took place on June 30 and the second, on July 8.
The name of Minister of the Environment was circulated in several press materials according to which a 500,000 euro contract was said to have been illegally granted, through direct negotiations, to a company, Ars Advertising, for promoting the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme.

Having the total value of 5.6 billion euros, the Environment Sectoral Programme is financed with 4.5 billion euros by the European Union and co-financed by Romania’s Government, 30 million euros being allocated for the promotion segment.


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