Interministerial committee for combating fiscal evasion

PM Emil Boc announced that he called for Tuesday an interministerial committee, in charge of taking measures for fighting fiscal evasion.
„I believe that firstly, in this country, today, the problem number one is not an increase in taxes, but their better collection.

That is why I have called an interministerial committee for tomorrow for fiscal evasion, for combating this fiscal evasion, for taking measures for its diminution in the field of excises, for the bogus companies, for the VAT, where, unfortunately, for this country, after the signals I have, there still are very many financial resources, that, instead of going to the state budget go in totally different pockets,” said Emil Boc, on public TV.

He stressed that necessary is maximum exigency towards those we do not pay the taxes, and „make of the public money an element of waste.” The prime minister mentioned that until now, the Government has taken also measures such as the transparent return of VAT.

Any tax payer can look now on the computer to see when his or her VAT is returned, the date and the sum. Before, everything depended on props, we will do away with it now, ” he added.


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