Online transactions on rise

The number of online transactions by a specialized service provided by C Solutions grew 250 percent compared to last year, whereas the value of this type of payment is by 150 percent higher compared to the same period of the previous year, reads a release sent on Tuesday.

In H1 one year ago, as many as 7,414 transactions were made by PlatiOnline (payments online) and over January to June, 2009 as many as 26,400 transactions were made.

The release reads that that the fields with the most significant online payments in H 1, 2009 were utilities and bill payments, online auctions and online drugstores.

C Solution deems that Romanian business include this new type of service in its own sales site in order to target people who are more and more busy and eager to purchase products and services directly by internet, by card payment.

C Solution company was established in 2001 and allows the establishment of an online trade account by which companies may cash online from own customers’ debit and/or credit cards.


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