Pogea: Letter with IMF does not include number of layoffs in public sector

The letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, was finalized and does not contain a number of layoffs in the public sector, said, on Monday, at a press conference, Public Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea.

In the letter of intent, the Romanian authorities firmly commit themselves to rationalize the structure of the staff expenses in the state sector.

According to Pogea, in 2009, the authorities will limit themselves to the restructuring of the governmental agencies, and as of 2010, there will be a big number of layoffs in the public sector, with the commitments with the IMF mentioning a cut in the staff expenses in the public sector until the end of June 2010, by 0.66 percent of the GDP, 46 percent net.

The official of the Public Finance Ministry did not specify the number of layoffs taken into account, but he said that there will not be 1,000-2,000 employees, the number will be much higher.
The letter of intent with the IMF has to be signed by Finance minister and BNR governor, and it wll be sent to Washington for the approval of the IMF board.

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