Prestigious universities oppose to education law package adoption through Govt. assumed responsibility

Rectors of four prestigious universities in Romania requested the authorities not to adopt the education law package through Government assumed responsibility.

„Adoption of the education laws by Government assumed responsibility is absurd and we urge the state authorities to revert to reason and adopt these laws following the normal way in a rule of law state and in an European democracy”, underlined the principals of Cluj-Napoca based Babes¬Bolyai University, Timisoara West University, Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences and Iasi Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in a joint declaration, made public on Tuesday.

„Education and research in Romania cannot be brought to the wished for standards by perpetuating makeshift Executive’s decisions and exemptions from the rule of law, or from the rule of law standards”, state rectors Andrei Marga (Cluj), Ioan Talpos (Timisoara), Ion Gheorghe Rosca (Bucharest) and Vasile Isan (Iasi) pointed out.

Mentioned higher education institutions’ principals underscored that „every legislative project referring to education and research must be an expression of a certain social consensus, which imposes a public debate prior to the adoption”.

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