PSD argues for working time reduction as option to cut spending, instead of redundancies

Social Democrats argue in favor of working time reduction as an option instead of laying off as many as 150,000 public employees, Secretary general of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) Liviu Dragnea told on Tuesday.
He stressed that this was convened within the ruling coalition.

„PSD supports from solidarity as an alternative to the laying off 150,000 people, employed in the public sector, the variant announced by the Finance Minister, according to which the public sector staff must take 10-day unpaid vacation.

Otherwise, 150,000 people would have been threatened to lose their job and we insisted no such thing should happen”, underlined Liviu Dragnea.

All public sector employees will take unpaid vacations between September and November, leading to a spending cut of 0.3 percent of the GDP (respectively 1.5 billion lei), announced Minister of Finance Gheorghe Pogea on Tuesday.

„In the public sector we have decided to take some measures, such as activity stoppages, a 10- day unpaid vacation, reduction of the work hours to six per day, instead of eight. It can be a combination related to each activity specificity.
After the 10-day unpaid vacation for all, the expected budgetary impact will be 0.3 percent of the GDP”, said Gheorghe Pogea.

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