Trade unions oppose sending people on unpaid holidays

The National Federation of Trade Unions from Administration (FNSA) opposed the new measure advanced by the Government to send public sector employees on unpaid holidays for indeterminate time, while many local public institutions in fact complain of not being able to let their employees go on their own legal paid holiday for they do not have enough personnel to do the work, even supplementary hours being sometimes needed, Valer Suciu, the FNSA head told a press release.

The National Federation of Trade Unions from Administration is a representative organization on the national level, with more than 46,000 members subscribed, most of them working for the local institutions, has publicly disapproved the manner in which the President and the Government try to shift public attention from the real reasons that led to deepening of the crisis in Romania.

‘The two institutions propose layoffs in the budget sector, with various empty figures having been mentioned, while no explanation based on scientific and economic analyses appeared and no talks were held with the social partners.

Theer were made proposals of how much money should be saved by cutting the staff in the public sector, while huge expenses are recorded on the level of certain governmental and local institutions, with the organization of various public events, with public acquisitions that in most of the cases have electoral purposes behind them or are meant to satisfy some political clientele,’ reads the release.

Unionists say that, during such times of crisis, jobs have to be saved, with the purchase power to be thus preserved and investments stimulated.

‘Unfortunately, we are proceeding exactly in the opposite manner, with Romania’s economic situation today being the result of the disastrous policies that have been implemented for 19 years by all the Governments that had the power in their hands in this country and that practiced no healthy policies of economic development on a short, medium or long term,’ reads the unionist leader.

Still, the FNSA admitted that certain structures in the budget sector could indeed be oversized, especially in the central administration, which needs to be restructured, as appeared in some analyses and studies.

According to the unionist leaders, the local and country administrations should be the ones to cut the personnel in their area, at the proposal of the mayors and county council presidents, and it could be done depending on two situations:

when the local administration have more employees than it actually needs to carry out its usual services to the population, and in such situation the local politicians will have to explain this state of affairs and also to assume responsibility before the citizens that the personnel will be cut by 10, 20 or 30 percent;

and second, the staff structure itself was oversized, without the realities of the community being taken into account, so that the budget authorities will have to assume responsibility for the extra personnel.

‘In such circumstances, in the context the cuts of personnel are operated, the FNSA is going to inform the relevant institutions controlling how the money are spent, to charge the budget authorities for the money,’ reads the release.
Moreover, the FNSA asked the Government to make public the measures of the professional reconversion programme for those who are being fired.

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