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Diaconescu: MAE needs to hire staff

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to cut 86 staff positions in subordinated institutions, resulting in savings of 300,000 euros per year, announced Minister Cristian Diaconescu on Wednesday, pointing out at the same time that inside MAE there will be no redundancies because actually the ministry is in need to hire personnel.

The National Agency for Export Control (ANCEX) is to be reorganized as a MAE department. The agency has 45 posts, of which 25 will be cut, remaining 20. As well, the Editorial staff in charge with publications for abroad will remain with 42 posts of 60, to be reorganized as a department within MAE.

The Romanian Diplomatic Institute is to stay an individual entity, but its staff will be reduced by 40 percent, from 60 to 36. As well, the Center for Romanians Everywhere is to remain with 70 posts of the current 89.

Chief of Romanian diplomacy underlined at Victoria Palace that the ministry he heads cannot proceed to redundancies because it actually is in need of personnel.

As for the diplomatic posts reduction abroad Cristian Diaconescu pointed out that cuts will be made „where they are not justified from the diplomatic activity angle”, some of them going to be redistributed from Europe to Central Asia and Middle East zones.

„First of all, we have in view posts no longer justified from the diplomatic activity angle and also the need to redistribute them toward Central Asia and the Middle East zones.

There are some Romanian diplomatic missions which can operate with a reduced number of diplomatic, consular and auxiliary personnel and, for a period of time, they are to reorganize their activity with a lower staff number. But the posts are to be maintained”, stressed Cristian Diaconescu.


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