Education trade unions threaten fresh protests

The education trade unions threatened fresh protests on Thursday in case the Finances Ministry and the Labour Ministry keep their proposal of salary indices for the teaching staff.

‘Those at the Labour Ministry and Finances Ministry have tried to teach us a mathematics lesson. At this moment, according to the proposals made by the two ministries with respect to the pay coefficients, the education system has collapsed.

We are going to see protests in the pre-higher education system quite soon.
The trade unions will certainly stage protests’, secretary general of the Education Free Trade Unions Federation, Liviu Pop said.

He added he was expecting the officials of the two ministries ‘to do their homework’.

Leader of Spiru Haret Trade Union Federation in the education sector, Gheorghe Isvoranu said the proposals made by the Labour Ministry and Finances Ministry ‘mock the education’.

‘These modifications made by the Labour Ministry and Finances Ministry to the public sector salary law are a total lack of respect for an area that should be a national priority…

We’ll discuss among ourselves and with the other trade unions to see what measures to take. Everything that was negotiated between the trade unions and the Labour Ministry was meant to mislead us’, Isvoranu said.

He explained that according to the new system of coefficients of the single public sector pay law, the pre-higher education lies at the pyramid basis with the lowest coefficients, i.e. between two and four.

Chairman of Alma Mater Trade Unions Anton Hadar stressed that the university professors too ‘are humiliated’ by the new pay system, as most of them are placed at its lower half.

‘Our coefficient ends at 7.6, while other social brackets have an above-10 coefficient. This is yet another kick in the ass given by the politicians to education’, Hadar said.

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