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Emil Boc cabinet ministers announce personnel cuts

A number of 1,220 positions in the Agriculture Ministry’s structure will be cut following the merger of 10 agencies responsible to it, Minister Ilie Sarbu announced on Wednesday.

The Agriculture Ministry will have only 21 structures out of the current 31 left, he added.
Transport and Infrastructure Minister Radu Berceanu announced that 627 jobs will be cut in the ministry’s agencies.

He said the talks with the trade unions will be resumed next week to discuss the situation at the Romanian Railways Freight, Infrastructure and Passengers branches where 4,986 personnel have been shed so far.

As many as 314 jobs will be cut at the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, with the move to save the state budget 70.4 million lei, Minister Gabriel Sandu said on Wednesday.
The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing will cut 271 jobs, Minister Vasile Blaga

‘Actually, we give up one agency out of the three agencies we have at present’, he added. * * *
As many as 477 positions in the Finances Ministry’s structure will be dropped, meaning 500,000 lei will be saved to the state budget every month, Minister Gheorghe Pogea said.

Health Minister Ion Bazac announced that his ministry will have just 10 agencies responsible to it after the restructuring.
He said the National Drug Agency and the National Transplant Agency will not be dismantled.

However, six public health institutes operating across Romania will be merged into the National Institute of Public Health. The Health National Training Centre will merge with the National Health Management School to make up a new institution with less positions.

Environment Minister Nicolae Nemirschi said that only eight of the ministry’s 11 agencies will be kept, with 444 jobs to be shed following the move; nearly 17 million lei in state budget money will be saved, he added.

The central structure of the Labour Ministry will suffer no changes, Minister Marian Sarbu
A total 1,316 jobs in the ministry’s agencies will be cut, meaning ’30 million lei will be saved’, Sarbu announced.

Minister Ecaterina Andronescu said the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation will shed 401 jobs, which will save the state budget 12 million lei annually.

The Administration and Interior Ministry will dismantle the 1,225 positions that had been blocked already, which is to bring 75 million lei cost cuts per annum, Minister Dan Nica said.

By merging some institutions subordinated to the ministry, several leading posts are cut and many departments will have less employees, Nica pointed out.

A total of 10,200 employees will be made redundant in 2009 by the companies and national companies responsible to the Economy Ministry, Minister Adriean Videanu announced at the end of the Government’s meeting on Wednesday.

Thirty companies and national companies are currently undergoing restructuring. Since the beginning of this year, 4,800 employees have been made redundant and another 5,400 are expected to be sacked by year-end, Videanu announced.

Minister for the SMEs, Trade and Business Climate Constantin Nita said after the Government’s meeting on Wednesday that his ministry and its agencies will shed nearly 260 jobs, which will save the state budget 3,313,000 lei.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry will cut 86 positions in the institutions responsible to it, thus saving 300,000 euros a year, Minister Cristian Diaconescu announced on Wednesday. He pointed out, however, that no jobs will be shed inside the ministry itself, quite the contrary, more staff should be hired there.


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