European Socialists and Democrats hail creation of alliance for European Integration in Republic of Moldova

Adrian Severin, vice-president for foreign policy and defence of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, hailed on Wednesday, the recent setting up, in the Republic of Moldova, of the ruling Coalition ‘The Alliance for European Integration.”

„We are hailing the news according to which the Democratic Party, the Liberal-Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, and the Alliance” Our Moldova,”, parties represented in the Moldovan Parliament, have made up a ruling coalition, which, explicitly is aimed at prosperity and democracy in the Republic of Moldova, and to the integration of this country in the European Union.

It is clear that such a coalition can well reflect the diversity of the opinions of the Mo ldovan citizens and can make up a large political basis for the legitimacy of a new government.

It is also clear that without the support of the European Union and without the integration into the European Union, the Moldovan society cannot reach the ideal of freedom, security, prosperity and democracy,” said Severin, according to a press release.

The vice-president of the European Socialists and Democrats has given assurances that his political group will support „any political solution, democratically legitimated,” aimed at leading to the reaching of the above-mentioned sources, and it has voiced hope that the entire political spectrum of the European Parliament will have the same attitude.

„The extremely difficult problems the Republic of Moldova has been facing, the domestic and foreign challenges make necessary the unity of the Moldovan political forces. In this respect, we are encouraging all the political forces to find optimum solutions for adding to the ruling coalition an adequate formula for the president of the Republic of Moldova,” Severin also said.


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