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Eurostat: Romania’s industrial production down 0.3pc in June

In June 2009 industrial production in the European Union fell 0.6 pct against the previous month, whereas in the euro area (EA15), the decline was 0.2 percent, shows data published on Wednesday by the European Union’s official statistics office Eurostat.

Available data shows that industrial production advanced in 10 member states, fell in another seven (Romania included) and kept stable in Germany.

Growth in industrial production was most substantial in Ireland (9.3 pct), the Netherlands (2.1 pct) and Poland (1.7 pct), whereas the sharpest decline was registered in Denmark (minus 2.7 pct), Italy (minus 1.2 pct) and Bulgaria (minus 1.1 pct). In Romania industrial production inched down 0.3 pct in June 2009 compared to the previous month.

Expressed in annual rates, industrial production fell 17 pct in the EU and 15.6 percent in the eurozone. In May 2009 industrial production had dropped 15.9 percent in the EU and 17 percent in the euro area.

Year on year, industrial production fell in all EU member states for which data is available, except for Ireland (which registered an advance of 2.6 percent.

The states to report the steepest decline in industrial production year on year were Estonia (minus 30.12 percent), Slovenia (minus 22.2 pct) and Italy (minus 21.9 percent); the countries with least affected by such a decline were Poland (minus 4.3 percent), Romania (minus 7.8 pct) and the Netherlands (minus 9.5 percent). In Romania, in June 2009 industrial production was 7.8 pct down year on year, after a drop of 8.3 percent in May 2009.


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