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Geoana: National energy system needs development strategy on long term

Speaker of the Senate and president of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana, made on Tuesday, a working visit to the Iron Gates hydro-power station.

Geoana talked with specialists of the first hydro-power station on the Danube, on which occasion he proposed that in the month of September specialists from the Iron Gates meet in order to debate on a long-term a strategic development programme of this important sector of the Romanian economy.

He also said he is at the Iron Gates for being told about the priorities and problems facing the objective and for making the ruling coalition of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L) have the initiative to keep the state monopoly on these capital objectives for the national energy infrastructure, among which there are the hydro-power stations on the Danube.

In the context, Geoana also said that it is necessary that all the actions of selling the companies which still are in the state patrimony be stopped, so that the Romanians no longer face the risk of no longer being the owners of the companies under the state management.

According to Geoana, it is necessary that in the entire Romania, the rulers take measures for the protection of the companies in the state’s ownership, and continue, at the same time, the investment works, notably in the hydro-power infrastructure, which is „the queen of the national economy.”

The re-engineering works at the Iron Gates I started in 2004 and ended in 2007. Due to these works, the energy production increased from 5,120 GWh to 4,241 GMh.

Following them, the generating power at the Iron Gates I rose from 1,050 MW to 1,166.4 MW, and the unit’s generating power rose from 175 MW to 194.4 MW. The yield of each unit climbed by 1.5 percent.


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