GfK: Townspeople start moving to the country

About 2 percent of the persons living in towns and cities have moved to the country for one year, a percentage that is similar to the one of the townspeople who intend to settle in a rural area next year, reads a study of the GfK Romania company.

„Moving to the country is a variant considered by 2 percent of the persons over 15 years of age, who say that they intend to settle in the country next year.

A similar percentage is represented by the people who already changed their abode in the past 12 months and moved to the country,” reads the above-mentioned study.

According to GfK, the official statistics in the past few years reveal an anomaly of migration, most important is people’s moving from the town to the country under the circumstances when Romania is already characterized by a low level of urbanization as compared with the states in Europe.

In general under 10 percent of the townspeople are in the habit of spending a period longer than one month in the country.
However, the relatives and acquaintances in the country are an important support for one third of the townspeople, who get food from the country.

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