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Gov’t aiming for better tax collection

The aim of the Government is not to levy new taxes, but to improve the collection of the existing rates and taxes, Prime Minister Emil Boc said after chairing the first convention of an inter-ministerial board in charge with combating fraud and tax evasion, reads a Government’s press release issued on Wednesday.
‘Tax collection should be conducted against the principle that nobody is above law. We are all equal before taxes,’ said Boc.

‘The objective of this working team is to analyse tax evasion and come up with suggestions for legislative amendments, as well as to make decisions in the shape of orders or other instructions required to combat tax evasion,’ said Boc.

On Monday, Jeffrey Franks, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission that recently reviewed the in Bucharest state of the Romanian economy and the latest developments in the measures taken by the Romanian Government to overcome crisis, said that the IMF believes the means to increase Government tax receipts is to improve tax collection not to introduce measures that would strengthen fiscal policy.

Asked to comment on the statement, Executive Director of the Applied Economics Group (GEA) Liviu Voinea told Agerpres, ‘The largest tax evasions are in the province of the Value-Added Tax (VAT) and excise duties on fuels. As far as the VAT is concerned, evasion is in the region of 50 percent and it has always been like that.

Theoretically, it would be preferable to improve collection, but it is disputable how achievable this is in real life.’

The board in charge with tax fraud and tax evasion, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Nica presented a report on the inspections jointly conducted by the Ministry of Administration and Interior, the National Tax Administration Authority (ANAF) and the Tax Guard indicating that 4,600 instances of tax fraud were recorded in the first six months of 2009 that damaged the aggregate Budget RON 855.693 million, and 3,118 persons being investigated in relation to the frauds.

ANAF Chairman Sorin Blejan came up with a document analysing the tax fraud and tax evasion offences and a series of proposals to combat both, saying that the most frequent tax evasion cases are in intra-community acquisitions, particularly in the commerce with fruit, vegetables, cereals, meat and meat products.

Attending the meeting of the board were offcials of the Ministry fo Administration and Interior, the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidaruiity and Family Affairs, the Tourism Ministry, the Health Ministry, the Transport Ministry, the Justice Ministry, ANAF and the Tax Guard.


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