Marian Sarbu: We have to try by all means to avoid massive lay-offs

Labour Minister Marian Sarbu believes that in this period massive layoffs have to be avoided, with the jobs representing the main concern and the main topic due to be discussed in the months to come with the trade unions and the employers’ associations.

„I believe that we have to try by all means – this is my personal opinion – to avoid massive layoffs, because now, in the private system included, it is harder and harder to find a job.

Jobs are the main concern and the main topic of the talks we will have in the months to come with the trade unions and the employers’ associations,” Marian Sarbu told RFI.

He said that the employees in the state-run sector should accept the measures proposed by the government in the social field, such as that of the unpaid leave, for ten days, because it is in this way that massive layoffs can be avoided in the years to come.

„Until we go out, little by little, from the complicated situation we are in, measures of this kind are to be expected, and I count on the understanding of the people, not only on forcing the government.

I took all the steps that, in the case of increases in figures and a rise in the number of unemployed, to have the necessary resources for paying all we have to,” said Sarbu, stressing that he keeps his point of view, according to which, at the end of the year, the number of unemployed will stand at 600,000-620,000.

Sarbu explained that at the Labour Ministry a projection has been made and talks are expected with the trade unions in the budget sector to see what are the criteria for possible layoffs, among them to what extent the 10 days of unpaid leave to be taken until the end of the year, in tranches or in a bulk, and, possibly, to need no normative act for that.

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