Ministry of Culture reduces 200 positions

The Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Patrimony will reduce 200 positions, thus saving two million lei for the state budget, said Minister Theodor Paleologu at Victoria Palace on Wednesday.

He said that institutions subordinated to the Ministry carrying out complementary activities would merge together: the Palace Hall Cultural Centre and ARTEXIM, the Centre of Consultancy for European Cultural Programmes, the Centre of Studies and Research in Culture and the Institute of Cultural Memory.

The Centre for Professional Training in Culture and the European Centre of Culture will merge together; the National Institute of Historical Monuments and the National Office of Historical Monuments will merge into the National Institute of Patrimony.

Also the National Institute for Memory of the Exile will merge with the Institute for Investigating the Crimes of Communism as they have very similar research subjects, and the National Institute of Research in Conservation and Restoration will be again subordinated to the National History Museum.

Paleologu also enumerated a number of institutions that will stay as they are, some of them being the National Centre of Cinematography and the National Centre for Conserving and Promoting Traditional Culture, the National Institute for Studying the Holocaust and the Romanian Office for Author’s Rights.

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