Personnel layoffs in several diplomatic missions of Romania in EU countries

Some of Romania’s diplomatic missions targeted for personnel layoffs are those from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece and France, said on Wednesday the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In total, Romania will cut 55 posts, of which 35 diplomatic, 17 technical-administrative positions and 3 posts at local level.
Due to be downsized are 25 diplomatic missions from EU countries and the one of Ankara, Turkey.

Romanian ForMin Crsitian Diaconescu announced later in July that Foreign Affairs Ministry downsized personnel, voicing hope that the Government that required the measures would rationally assess the attributes of diplomacy which cannot and shouldn’t be amputated.

President Traian Basescu had previously said that massive layoffs in state institutions are necessary. In the context, the head of the state said that for the time being, Romanian diplomacy has difficulties in understanding the importance of certain problems.

‘For two years at the annual meeting with the Diplomatic Corps I’ve been telling them they should go to Central Asia, to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Caspian Sea.
It is there we need diplomats instead of crowding the bilateral embassy in Brussels or the bilateral embassy in London,’ said the president.

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