Romanian girl of 12 becomes Italy’s national chess champion

Daniela Movileanu, a Romanian girl (from the northeastern Romanian city of Focsani), who has been living in the latest four years in a town near Rome, in Italy, and who is now 12, a month ago won Italy’s national chess championship, in the up to 14-year old category, following to represent this country in the world championships to take place in Turkey in November.

The Romanian adolescent, who made the Frascati chess club proud, told that she had got the passion for chess from his parents. After moving to Italy, they both became very busy working so that, for they didn’t know with whom to leave their daughter for several hours every day, they sent her to the chess club for children.

After she started to pay more attention to the study of the strategies of the game, she won several local and school championships. In July 2009, she also won the national championship, which took place in Courmayeur, a mountain resort in northern Italy.
With 45 other children competing in the same age category, she had 6 victories, two ties and a defeat.

Nevertheless, because Daniela is not an Italian citizen yet, her participation in the international championships due in Turkey could be difficult, with the National Chess Federation in Italy currently trying to find the right answer to the problem.
The girl’s trainer from the club in

Frascati Rosario Lucio Ragonese underlined in an article published by the Il Reddatore Sociale newspaper that the national regulation did say the representatives of the Federation in the international competitions should be Italian citizens, but he also added that a solution could be fund though, since Daniela had already been registered on the lists of Italian chess players, while she had never been registered with the Federation in Romania.

What is for certain is that Daniela’s value is famous now in the Peninsula, with trainer Ragonese saying that, with her score in the Italian competitions, she is probably among the first 30 players in Italy, which is a huge performance taking into account her age and her possibilities and also the time she has in front of her to make progress.

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