Today’s Govt’s meeting, a meeting of due deadlines

A draft law concerning the restructuring of public bodies operating under the authority of the Government, including ministries, and a draft decision approving a framework guide for the drawing up of minimum quality standards and minimum cost standards for decentralised public services are the main topics on the agenda of today’s meeting of the Government.

Early this month, Prime Minister Emil Boc discussed with each minister and set August 14 as the deadline for reforming the agencies under their authority. The Government decided that some agencies will be discarded, some will be incorporated with the ministries and some will be amalgamated, and those still in place will carry out pay or staff cuts, according to specifics.

The ministers concerned will have to come up with projects for the decentralisation of the Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Heritage and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Nica said on Monday, after a meeting at the Government House with local public administration officials, that the two ministries producing decentralisation strategies is a first positive sign indicating that each authority undertakes to be responsible before the citizens for the services they provide and the smooth functioning of the services.

Health Minister Ion Bazac is expected to present a report on the cuts in the posts with the Health Ministry.
The redundancies will regard the staff working for the ministry as well as for the institutions operating under the ministry’s authority, including public health directorates, public health institutes, as well as training and documentation centres.

Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu is expected to come up with a strategy for the marketing and sale of Romanian products, as Prime Minister Boc informed, adding that tax evasion involving fruit and vegetables became a ‘favourite pastime.’

The Government will also look into a draft law concerning the ratification of an 800,000-euro loan agreement between Romania, represented by the Finance Ministry, and KfW Frankfurt am Main, signed on July 31, 2008 in Bucharest and November 2, 2007 in Frankfurt to fund a project for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Cabinet should also approve a draft decision concerning the 2009 Annual Statistics Programme and switching some immovable assets from the public ownership of the state to the administration of the Constanta Helath Care Insurance House.

The meeting’s agenda also include a draft law amending and supplementing methodological norms applying Law 248/2005 concerning the free circulation of Romanian nationals abroad, as approved under Government Decision 94/2006.

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