Financial support for animal breeding, vegetable growing sectors

About 72 million lei of the state budget was allotted to the county centers to support the animal breeding and the vegetable growing sectors as well as to the waste neutralization, the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (APIA) informs.

‘We’ve sent the County Centers the required funds, today, to pay to the animal breeding and the plant growing sectors, and the money is to reach the beneficiaries’ accounts in the coming days,” APIA general manager Daniel Constantin said.

Thus, 62.4 million lei is aimed at supporting the livestock and represents the amount the applicants asked in June.

According to the law, the money may be applied for to improve the quality of the animal products as well as for supporting the measures for the growing and trading of produce.

APIA also gave the County Centers another 5.9 million lei to pay the farmers and the agricultural producers asking financial support for buying seeds and seedlings.

The beneficiaries of the financial aid are economic operators, individuals and companies that either trade or use the seeds and seedlings for plant growing or for consumption production.
Likewise, about 3.5 million lei is the financial support to be granted for the animal waste neutralization.


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