Geoana: Romanians coming back home can receive 25,000 euros from EU agriculture funds

The Romanians who come back to home from abroad can receive 25,000 euros from the EU funds for agriculture, Senate’s President and head of the Social Democratic Party (PSD- in the ruling coalition) Mircea Geoana told a news conference on Thursday.

‘As far as I know, the Agriculture Ministry, under the measure 121, allocates 25,000 euros to those willing to start a business in agriculture.
For those who come back home and want to start such a business, besides this money, the Romanian state offers them a 60 percent cut for buying farming machines and tools,’ Geoana said.

The Measure 121 will be launched over Aug. 17 – Sept. 18, 2009. The funds available for the Measure regarding the Modernization of the agricultural exploitations amount to 161,273,139.60 euros.
As much as 2,000,000 euros is the largest non-repayable amount that may be granted for financing a project within the Measure 121.


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