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Liviu Dragnea says there are not enough office workers in city halls

President of the National Union of County Councils in Romania (UNCJR) Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday, in Busteni (southern Romania), that, as there were few employees in city halls and if there were dismissals, high quality services would not be delivered to the population.

Busteni saw the beginning of the working meeting of the associative structures of the public authorities in Romania, during which they talk about the change of the law on local public finance.

UNCJR president Liviu Dragnea made it clear that he had organized this meeting as he was intrigued by the public statements made in the past few days referring to dismissals of public servants.

„I have seen all kind of public announcements made by some officials saying they would dismiss some staff of the public administration, some mentioned 300,000, others, 200,000 or 150,000.

Of course, I did not agree to this measure being taken as I am almost sure they do not know the entire reality in the local administration. Most Romanian city halls do not have enough office workers to carry out their activity,” said Dragnea.

Prime Minister Emil Boc is also expected to attend the meeting in order to discuss with the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior the quality standards, the cost standards, the personnel norms, to define a local budget of the city halls by development and functioning components.

„We shall try to convince the governmental representatives to accept our draft of the law on the local public finance, on which we have been working for some years now and which all the associative structures have adopted through an agreement and hope to make them understand better that the current local budget law does no longer give good results,” also said Dragnea.

The agreement mentioned above was adopted this April, at Busteni too.
The UNCJR president explained that the „future law on the local public finance, as a general principle, is made up of two distinct component parts: a functioning component and a development component.

The functioning component will include salaries, functioning expenditure, utilities and the development one, the expenditure for the development of the communities under consideration.”

Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea also attends the working meeting of the associative structures of the local public authorities in Romania. The meeting in Busteni will end on Sunday.


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