Liviu Dragnea: We want real decentralization in local administration

Head of the National Union of the County Councils of Romania (UNCJR) Liviu Dragnea, secretary general of the Social Democratic Party said, that he wants a real decentralization in the local administration, with the decision of the authorities and the transfer of prerogatives being accompanied by the relevant financial resources.

„Seven months have passed, and we have made no step towards decentralization. A serious discussion in this respect follows.
He participates, starting on Thursday, in Busteni, center-south, in the meeting of the trade union representatives of the local administration and of the relevant ministries, regarding the decentralization and the setting of the cost standards.

Among the themes of the talks, there will be, according to the head of UNCJR, the rationalizing of the expenses in the central and local public administration, the reform of the financial system for the local public administration with precise targets.

„No village hall has to have problems in ensuring the budget necessary for their operation. At the same time, we want a percentage from the GDP, which has to be set annually from the budget of the communities, said Liviu Dragnea.

Other objectives of the meeting of the representatives of the local administration and of the relevant ministries will regard the quality standards, the cost standards and the staff necessities.

For the city halls that do not have many enough revenues, for ensuring their operation, we want the state to assume its obligation, but on the basis of staff standards and cost ones, for each locality there is to be set the level of expenses for the activities in the households, plus other obligations at the level of the village and town halls,” the president of UNCJR said.

Prime minister Emil Boc, who met, on Monday, at the Victoria governmental Palace, with the representatives of the associative structures in the local administration in the country, supported the proposal of five days talks running, in order to examine in detail the aspects regarding the decentralization and the cost standards.

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